The future of fashion… Generative AI

Although it is still in an emerging stage, generative AI presents, like so many other new technologies, the possibility of helping fashion companies become more effective, producing faster and responding better to the demands of their customers.

Today is the time to start integrating the technology that is coming to change all paradigms.
of production and design.

It is possible that in the following years, the new seasons will be defined between the combination of
work of a design team, made up of both designers and the contribution of technology
by AI Generative.
Companies that adapt to the acceleration of design and development processes will surely be
those who will be best prepared for this new stage.

Source: BoF Mckinsey State of Fashion

Generative AI Use cases

Use case N°1Key Insights

  • 73 percent of fashion executives said generative AI will be a priority for their businesses in 2024, but just 28 percent have tried using it in creative processes for design and product development
  • As much as one-fourth of generative AI’s potential value in fashion may be driven by use cases in design and product development.
  • Curation is key value not undermining the role of the designer


Use case N°2 – Convert sketches, mood boards, and descriptions into high-fidelity designs

  • Product Design and Prototyping 
  • Reduces the number of physical prototypes
  • Visualize concepts that also provide inspiration
  • Convert 2D y 3D models

Use case N°3 – Customize products for individual consumers

  • Product personalization 
  • Value added design / prints content creation
  • Select logo and product 
  • Generate based on design and product

Use case N°4 – Enrich product ideation

  • Generate product options or variations based on past products
  • Use predefined avatar/models to fit the options 
  • Redefine with text prompts

Use case N°5 – Product Engineering

  • Team and User Feedback 
  • BOM (raw materials and cost)+ Product 

Design to generate specs

Use case N°6 – Identify and predict trends 

  • Turning Customer Feedback Into Product Ideas and Updates
  • Consumer sentiment /omnichannel data
  • Generate range of products

Use case N°7 – Tailor virtual product try-on and demos to individual consumers 

Select product and try-on on consumer

What is next in Look.
AI-generated fashion products are not just a concept but a reality that is reshaping fashion industry, from design to production. The Look team will use the latest cloud technology, services and models to help not only in the design and development process but also to improve the production and supply chain. Let’s look ahead!

Source: BoF Mckinsey State of Fashion

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