Cloud Fashion Platform

LOOK is a cloud platform designed for Fashion Enterprises to manage the entire business by connecting applications, data and people to achieve business goals.

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Enhanced product data management (PDM)
Product development teams can create styles, raw materials, range plans, techpacks, samples including data gathering, picture and documents storage, and analysis, along with features that secure valuable and sensitive data. Product Data management features also make it easier for executives, managers, and staff to retrieve real time information from SAP Business Design.
Easily deploy workspaces, create users and connect to SAP Business One /SAP Business By Design

The design team can share work with other departments and access important data required for completing a successful product design. Merchandisers can track purchase orders and sales managers can be updated with current sales from SAP Business by Design.

Use workflows to track product development and lifecycle
Model business processes for product development, engineering to manufacturing. Record all activities in the calendar and share with all users involved, from designers, pattern makers and suppliers.
Access central information from the Fiori launchpad

Look allows selecting apps as building blocks of the user journey. From style, techpacks, critical path tracking, sales and purchase orders.

Choose among 120 Apps available.
The availability of resources within the solution allows the user to work efficiently.


Create an account and a trial workspace following these simple steps.

1 – Enter platform

2 – Create account and validate.
3 – Create trial workspace
Create and manage all product information in the cloud.
Create seasons, collections, brands, styles, pictures, colors, size charts, raw materials, tech-packs among others. All is centralized in a cloud platform.
Communication across
all departments.
Create product critical tasks and promote collaboration with customers and suppliers. Manage RFQs and samples request with internal or external users.

Seamless Integration with SAP Business One /SAP Business By Design

Transfer Products, Materials, Bill of Materials to SAP Business by Design. Create Sales and purchase orders from Look and track logistics process and updates from SAP ByD.
Allow quick and fast user onboarding to the platform.
Create workspaces and invite by emails other employees, designers, customers, and suppliers in an easy way.
Manage predefined role-based apps and workspaces.
Look provides more than 90 apps to chose from. Create permission sets by user and workspace
Self-oriented implementation and training

Partners and customers can lead a project team through a structured implementation process, while also facilitating end user training right from the same platform.

Enterprise PLM
Let’s look more in depth at how PLM and ERP work together. It is simple. You need both to overcome the current business scenarios. Look is already integrated to cloud-on demand SAP world class solutions – SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One. Need to integrate to others? We provide APIs and services.
Pricing & Packages
Select the plan for your needs.

Free Trial

  • In this version you can try all the features included in the Standard package.
  • Download the adobe illustrator extension and create products directly into LOOK.
  • The trial workspace will be inactive after 14 days
  • Includes 1 User

Entry Level

U$S 150 per user/month
  • 2 workspaces
  • 5000 products and pictures
  • Min 5 to 10 user pack
  • Adobe Illustrator Extension
  • JOOR Access Integration
  • Color Libraries
  • Size Spec Sheets


Price upon request
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited products and pictures
  • Unlimited users
  • Product & Component Libraries
  • Tech Packs
  • Adobe Illustrator Extension
  • JOOR Access Integration
  • Color Libraries
  • Size Spec Sheets
  • Sample Management

Request an advisor for more information about our product scope.

What is Look ?

Look is an all-in-one cloud platform to help fashion companies get new products faster and better. Look offers all tools to plan create, develop, and track product information from concept to production by integrating systems processes and connecting people by using the latest technology available.

Who is Look for?

Look is a cloud platform for small and midsize fashion companies to manage all aspects of the business. From seasonal planning, product development, sourcing, and delivery. Look is focused on companies looking for an integrated suite where ERP and PLM meet together reducing costs and improving the supply chain.

What are the benefits of using Look in your company?
  • Create and manage all product information in the cloud.
  • Communication across all departments.
  • Allow quick and fast user onboarding to the platform.
  • Manage predefined role-based apps and workspaces. 
  • Seamless Integration with SAP Business By Design and SAP Business One. 
  • Integration with Adobe Illustrator and Joor Access. 
What do I need to run Look?.
Just go to to sign-up or login. After creating the account, create a workspace and start your journey in the platform. There is no need to install any tool or third-party software in your computer. Check our onboarding training here
How much does Look cost?

Look Cloud Platform is a SAAS solution. Minimum user pack is 5 users and a setup fee for companies with the need to integrate to their On-premise or Cloud ERP. Access the detailed price list here

How Look differs from other Fashion Platforms?
Look allows fashion companies to speed up the process of the creation of products, developing and managing the supply chain while integrating to ERPs. We call Look an Enterprise ready cloud fashion platform.
If there are changes in the platform. How will I find out?
The platform is updated in a monthly basis, handling patches and updates. You will receive an alert with all the fixes and new features.
Can I connect Look with my ERP to have an enterprise ready solution?
Yes. Look is already integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business by Design. Look has an open API. Customers and partners can easily connect from third party solutions.
Can I try Look for free?

Yes of course. You can create your account. After login back to Look, create a trial workspace and start navigating and experience Look. Check the session here to see how the trial workspace is create

What other integrations does Look Platform offer?
Look has partnership with Joor Access and Adobe Illustrator. These integrations are part of the basic user package.
Can I connect my solution to Look?
Yes. We provide an open API. Contact the Look Team for more information.
Is my information secure with Look?
Yes. All the files, personal data and information is secure in the cloud. The platform runs on Azure and Amazon Web Services, depending on the region where the user request access.
Who do I contact if I have a problem?.

Look provides tools to contact our support team inside the platform. This is part of the maintenance provided with your SaaS license.  We also provide a service team in case you need assistance in setting up or implementing

About Us

Look – The story
We provide an industry cloud platform for the Fashion industry by connecting applications, data, and people to achieve business goals.

Back in 2008 we visit our first customer in California looking for an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) but also struggling on bringing and develop new products. There were many PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) but usually running outside of the company digital core. While ERP is the traditional data backbone of the enterprise ecosystem, PLM continues its transition from a design and engineer tool to a full enterprise application. We identified that both solutions should live together and no in silos. This is where the concept of enterprise cloud fashion platforms begins. We are the alternative to deploy an out-of-the-box combined solution. Look is born on the principle that fashion companies need help on becoming digital and more intelligent.

Look Cloud Platform is part of Argentis Systems family, world’s leading end-to-end IT services and cloud solutions company.

Our Team
Lucas Ritondale Product Manager
Gaby Benchimol Account Manager
Lucas Costantini Head of IT
Jose Espindola Software Developer
Mauricio Ochoa Software Developer
Tatiana Kirichian Delivery Manager
Anabella Guzman UX Designer and QA Manager
Rosario Cantarino QA Analyst
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