SAP Partner Summit for SME 2023 in Vienna

We were once again part of the SAP Partner Summit, this time held in Vienna. This event reunites SAP Partners around the globe and supercharges this SAP Partner Ecosystem to execute small to midsize business growth and success.

We presented Look, our Cloud Solution for the Fashion Industry, and received great feedback from every person that got to know all of our advantages as a platform.

It was a great experience and we were also able to connect with a lot of amazing people and share our very own experiences in order to grow and get to the next level with our companies.

One of the highlights was that we introduced Look to Finn Backer and in exchange we got his vision for the future of cloud technology and we were happy to be aligned with it. We were proud to have such a relevant person in the SAP environment so interested in our brand.

Being at Vienna, we also took advantage of the possibility of seeing some of their incredible landscapes and taking our brand there. We had a great time, met wonderful people, and reunited with others.

It has been a real pleasure to see that we are on the right track, bringing new technologies to help the Fashion industry get better results. We are happy to be part of the SAP Community. After being at the event in Panama, Vienna was an amazing experience that we recommend everyone with the possibility to be part of the next editions, we will surely be there!

See you next year!