S4 Industry Cloud

SAP’s industry cloud provides specialized industry-focused solutions to help optimize, extend, and transform your core business processes. Look Cloud Platform has been certified by SAP as Industry Cloud. Check the SAP Store for further information.

Container Management 

Shipping Container Management is functionality embedded in Look that allows tracking of shipments in-transit for distributors. We track from factory  to warehouse for shipping lines and shipping vessels or any in-transit inventory locations. The user can copy purchase orders from any SAP solution and update the container information in the ERP. It also helps to automate the creation of the packing slip based on sizes, colors or size-run combinations.

Category Hierarchies 

Merchandise hierarchy or product hierarchy is a way of organizing your product portfolio into different sub levels that will make it easier for you to monitor and analyze your inventory in the future.

The number of levels or the nomenclature of the different levels differs from business to business, but typically the number of product hierarchy levels are 5 or 6 levels. Look now supports unlimited number and hierarchy levels. 

Look now allows the user to create master data such as products or business partners and automate the process of creating and updating data in the ERP solution.

Production Planning and Scheduling 

During 2023 we presented to our partner community the platform roadmap. The team has been working the last two months in adding manufacturing capabilities to Look. Stay tuned for the upcoming release


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