OTB (Open-to-Buy) Minimize risks with orderly planning

In today’s retail business, a mistake in inventory planning can lead to overstocking or understocking, which can cause significant cash flow problems.

Against a backdrop of rising costs, declining consumer demand and supply chain issues, cash flow miscalculation can be a fatal mistake for retailers.

The key here is to plan inventory accurately and purchase exactly the right amount of raw materials to meet production demand. That’s where Open To Buy planning, also known as OTB, comes in.

An OTB plan can start with your sales target for the next few months, and then take in consideration the actual and upcoming orders so that you can make that you will have enough inventory on hand to meet your revenue goals.

OTB takes into account how much of a particular product (or its full range) you have in stock. Inventory Planner’s advanced functionality means that OTB can be used flexibly in order to adapt to your business:

Here we will show you with just a couple of screenshots how our platform Look provides you with the information that allows you to make the most exact planning

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