Retail today is all about disruption. As the industry navigates a new reality, we partner with retailers to meet this moment head on.

In an omnichannel world where data is coming in from all sides, we help retailers apply this data to turbocharge every aspect of their business, from assortment and pricing to supply chain and hiring.

As consumers change, we understand them like no one else – what matters to them, their shopping habits, and why they buy. We partner with retailers to re-orient their business to meet consumer demand.

Together, we’re using AI and advanced analytics to reimagine personalization, customer journeys, and even environmental sustainability. We’re all about our clients’ capabilities – strengthening their technology, processes, and talent for both quick wins and the long term.

On-demand consumer insights

We uncover deep insights on what matters most: who’s driving category growth, where they’re spending, and how their behaviors will trend. We provide granularity by geography, demographic, and sub-industry to moving clients from insight to action with lightning speed.

Accelerating paths to growth

We help clients activate the full range of growth levers including expanding the core business, innovating into adjacencies, and igniting breakout businesses. We develop the capabilities and the ecosystem to drive sustainable and profitable growth, faster.

Maximizing revenue potential

We partner with retailers to enhance their commercial offerings for today’s omnichannel environment. Through advanced analytics, we design and implement programs, from merchandizing, pricing, promotions and assortment, to positioning and product branding.

Enhance the consumer experience

We equip retailers to deliver personalized and seamless omnichannel experiences. Together, we design, build and scale the digital and physical infrastructure to engage consumers wherever they roam – from in-store and marketplaces, to live commerce and the Metaverse.

Transform digital and tech

We work with retailers to build the muscle to win in the digital age. Together, we use AI and advanced analytics to upgrade core tech and data infrastructure while reinvigorating the “soft stuff” through talent transformation, agile management, and design thinking.